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Never any Junk Yard filling or Combustion of roofing felt waste again 


Tarpaper Recycling provides the future with the new patent registered method for recycling of roofing felt waste. During demolition or refurbishing of roofs, roofing felt waste has traditionally been deposited in junk yards or has been combusted. Recycling of roofing felt is now possible, through a new innovative patent registered method, that provides a large benefit to the environment. 


Environmental benefits with the reuse of roofing felt. The primary reason for reusing roofing felt is BITUMEN, a refined oil product. As oil is a resource that will become scarce in the future, the reuse of roofing felt is therefor of utmost environmental  interest.


“From roof to road” - Our brand. 

The refining process of Tarpaper Recycling extracts the Bitumen in the roofing felt to a raw material, that can be used as fixing agent in the production of new asphalt. The extracted bitumen-mix, after been through a process of reduction and cleaning, is ready to be used in the asphalt production. This product is highly appreciated, as it is cost reducing and has an environmental positive element. 


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The Swedish Demolition Price for 2012 was awarded to Tarpaper Recycling AB

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Recycled Tarpaper from new production, demolition and
refurbishing has been established and is here to stay. In the future this will be a part of our slogan:


"From waste to resource"


One step on the right track is to use our raw material resources on earth  with care and consideration.



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